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Friday, October 15, 2010

Rubbing elbows with rich people

So, we're in the very center of this capitol city, and apparently, this is the most desirable area of the city. It is probably expensive for their standards, and I'm assuming that we could find a lower-priced apartment in a different part of town, but this spot is very convenient, and since we don't read or speak their language, it's probably better to hang out in this spot. I was told that the night-clubbers like to stay in this part of town.

There are people from all over the world here, who obviously have plenty of money. We have run into lots of people who speak english, and I have heard a few german speakers, as well. In fact, I gave some german speakers directions to the supermarket.

Ha! You thought I gave them directions in german! I wish. I used the word "soo-pare-marrr-ket" and lots of sign language. It was right around the corner, so I'm confident they found it.

We have seen all kinds of rich people cars-- ferraris, rolls royces, porsches, BMWs, mercedes benz, and plenty that we don't recognize. Many cars have their windows blacked out, including the front windshield, so you can't even get a look at the occupants. Now and then, a stunning young woman, dressed to the nines, gets into a fancy car, accompanied by an older gentleman, who is significantly lower on the attractiveness scale. Well, you cynical-minded people know what I think! For the rest of you, who aren't cynical-minded--well, love is a mysterious thing, and you never know where it will strike!

To be perfectly fair, there are any number of striking young women, dressed to the nines, hoofing it up and down these city streets. They are decked out in beautiful clothes, and fabulous shoes (stilletos or high-heeled boots are the norm.) Most are wearing some shade of black, so they end up looking very sophistocated, and very european. We look very different, with our jeans, Eddie Bauer coats, and sensible shoes. I have not seen one other person wearing a coat in my shade of hunter green. David thinks it's the color of their military. If you think that doesn't make me self-conscious! People stare at us everywhere we go, and a few have approached us to ask us where we're from. It's nice to know that in a city filled with globe-trotters, we stand out that much!

And now, for my fashion-conscious youngest daughter, here is a smattering of world-famous designer's stores. I only picked a few of the ones I recognized. I'm sure that all the other ones here are just as important-- I just haven't heard of them, that's all!   And, no-- we aren't bringing home any merchandise from any of them!

Yes, these fur coats are the real deal!

I'm pretty sure I'm not their target demographic!

So, things are looking up when it comes to the kids. This little one came out, flirting and playing hard to get, as usual. She is so fun to play with, but she likes us to chase her everywhere. No sitting quietly and playing with toys. It's always about running after her, and bringing her back.

The cuteness just oozes, doesn't it?

So, they put us in a different room to wait for this little guy, and we only had to wait for about 3 min today. I was talking, and apparently when they came into the hall, he heard me, because he started crying and yelling. That warms a mother's heart!

He stopped crying, though, when he saw us, and throughout the entire visit, appeared mildly interested, although unenthusiastic. David and I played ball with each other, and gave him a turn in between. He made sure to push the ball whenever it was his turn, but otherwise, pretty much gave us the cold shoulder. He let David hold his hands and walk him back to the room when it was time. He's always happy to get back into that room!

My camera moves too slowly to catch any action shots, for some reason!

After visiting with this princess, I was on top of the world! When we ventured into the playroom to get her, she looked up, saw us, and immediately registered who we were. The look on her face will stay with me forever. You could just tell that she said, "Oh hey, hey! This is for me; I've got it!" Just the sense of importance, that she knew those were her visitors, and she needed to hurry to take care of them. She rushed over, took our hands, and walked us out to the visiting area.

Today, I decided to fight fire with fire, and when she grabbed me, and got aggressive, I grabbed her back, around the wrists in a tight grip, and starting kissing her hard in her neck and cheek. She really liked that, and always relaxed her death grip.

She sat with Daddy, and wanted him to help her play with his watch, always holding out her forefinger. She played with the ball today, and would go get it, and then jump back on his lap, and hold on really tight with her legs.

We decided to start teaching her our expectation that she should be nice, by taking her hand, and gently stroking my arm, all the while saying, "nice, nice." We had to do that with all of our toddlers to teach them to be nice to animals, and other kids, so hopefully she picks up on this quickly, and cares what we want.

In this picture she has a medicine on the rash around her eye, in case you're wondering.

"Tell me again, Daddy, what all these pictures are!"

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  1. I love your posts and your attitude. I am praying that those precious little ones all warm up to you guys quickly. You are being so patient and I know that it has be to hard... especially under the ever-constant watchful eye of the staff. Praying that each day they relax and begin to melt into your loving arms...